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Teaching Critical Communication Skills Online Workshop

Help! I can't Wait to ask for a Break...and more!

This workshop is a must for parents, caregivers and professionals working and/or living with people who have complex communication needs. You will learn how to teach critical communication skills that lead to greater independence in the home, work, school and community settings. We review nine specific skills: requesting reinforcers, requesting help, requesting a break, indicating yes and no, waiting, following directions, schedule-following and transitioning. Through lecture, demonstrations, video and participatory activities, you will acquire specific teaching strategies that are relevant for anyone who has limited communication skills, regardless of their communicative modality (e.g., Picture Exchange Communication System [PECS], signing, device use, speech).

Participants will be able to:

·         Define functional communication

·         Identify and evaluate nine critical communication skills

·         Design effective teaching strategies to promote these skills independent of modality

·         Incorporate effective visual strategies for all communicators

·         Incorporate critical communication skills into functional activities and routines

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Skill Level: Beginner