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Completion requirements

Individuals will demonstrate basic competency in implementing the PECS® teaching protocol and elements of the Pyramid Approach to Education®.


Demonstration requirements include:

  • Demonstrating the teaching of Phases I through VI, including a basic attribute lesson

Written requirements include:

  • Two instructional plans
  • Three data sheets
  • A written description of how PECS is being implemented within two functional activities
  • A self-evaluation of all submitted demonstrations and written assignments

Individuals will have one year to successfully complete all of the PECS Level 1 Practice Demonstration™ requirements. Upon successfully completing the demonstration requirements a Certificate of Completion for the PECS Level 1 Implementer Certification Program™ is issued. 

The PECS Level 1 Certified Implementer™ status is valid for three years from the date of completion. 

PECS Level 1 Certified Implementer™ holding a valid certificate may continue on to the PECS Level 2 Implementer Certification Program™.

Prerequisites: valid PECS Level 1 Knowledge Certificate™

Fee: $500.00 USD per person

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