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Completion requirements

The PECS® Level 2 Knowledge Examination requires individuals to demonstrate problem-solving within the PECS protocol, as well as knowledge of teaching advanced skills in the PECS protocol and the Pyramid Approach to Education®.  Individuals must complete The PECS Level 2 Examination, achieving a score of 90% or greater. 

Individuals who pass the examination will be issued the PECS Level 2 Knowledge Certificate (this certificate is valid for two years from the date of completion).

Upon completion of the examination, individuals holding a valid PECS Level 2 Knowledge Certificate may continue on to the PECS Level 2 Practice Demonstration.

Prerequisites: Candidates must hold a valid Certificate of Attendance from a PECS Level 2 Training presented by Pyramid Educational Consultants within the past six months and a valid PECS Level 1 Knowledge Certificate.

Fee: $40.00 USD per person

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