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The Language of Emotions Workshop Description:

How do we learn to talk about things that happen inside of us? How do we teach others to express their emotions?  Why is this area so difficult for those with autism? In this workshop, participants will be asked to consider how they currently teach various lessons related to emotions and view suggested teaching strategies that may lead to successful acquisition of these complex language skills. How typical children learn to comment about “private events” as well as reviewing traditional approaches to teaching emotions will be discussed.  B. F. Skinner’s analysis of language and how to incorporate this analysis into the design of effective lessons for learners of all ages will be examined. We also will look at the subtle aspects of language that help communicative partners better understand the perspective of someone who is attempting to communicate. Participants will leave with practical strategies and items to consider when teaching the language of emotions. 

Learner Objectives:

·     Identify key language issues related to expressing emotions and feelings​

·     Describe Skinner’s analysis of language and how it relates to the language of emotions​

·     Examine traditional approaches to teaching emotions​

·     Identify strategies on how to teach emotions ​

·     Identify subtle aspects of language and its impact on emotions​

Presenter and Disclosures: Andy Bondy, PhD​

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