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What started off as a reactive strategy to a pandemic, is now clearly going to be an active part of our work lives. The question is, How do we uphold our standards within a joint online and direct consultation model?” In this talk, we identify practical ways to apply the BCBA supervision guidelines responsibly and ethically to the multitude of new relationships and goals that are now open to us.  Participants will leave with strategies to use before, during, and after teleservice sessions with the goal of increasing effectiveness and optimizing outcomes for clients. 

Learner Objectives:

  • Use a framework to identify strategies  during teleservice    
  • Identify relationships with caregivers and others  
  • Evaluate program integrity including supervisor, supervisee, caregivers, and clients   


  • Watch Video
  • Complete Quiz
  • Complete the Survey

Presenter and Disclosures: Keiko Suzuki, MEd, BCBA, Donna Banzhof, M.Ed., BCBA, Tony Castrogiovanni, PhD

CEUs Offered


Pyramid Educational Consultants is an approved BACB ACE Provider for Learning Continuing Education Credits. The BACB does not warrant, endorse, sponsor, approve, or partner with the event, organization, or instructor. This course is offered for 1.0 BACB CEUs 

If you have any questions or comments please contact our ACE Coordinator, Donna Banzhof at dbanzhof@pecs.com.

Pyramid Educational Consultants is an approved provider for IBAO® Continuing Education Credits. This is an asynchronous event. This course is offered for 1.0 IBA CEUs. The IBAO does not warrant, endorse, sponsor, approve or partner with the event, organization or instructor.

This course is offered for 1.0 NASP Approved continuing professional development (CPD) hours.

Pyramid Educational Consultants is approved by the National Association of School Psychologists to offer professional development for school psychologists. Pyramid Educational Consultants maintains responsibility for the program. 


Price/fee: 19.99 USD/person

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